Budget Bathroom Makeover!!

Hey Ya’ll, Hey!!!

I know it’s been a minute, but I’m back. At least I think I am anyway. Life has been doing it’s thing and being life. I’ll be sharing what’s been going on in my world soon in the near future.

I figured I’d share a recent #craftingwithketa project. I decided it was time for a refresh of my bathroom decor, since I’ve had it for like 5 years!!! It was time. Below are some pictures and deets on where I bought/how I made a few of the things.

Let me know what ya’ll think!!

So here is a before picture from like 3 years ago in my old apartment. Excuse my face, but it’s the only picture I could find. I completely forgot to take some before shots in my current apartment. As you can see,it was blah brown and leopard (my favorite color) and red.  Per my caption, I loved my bathroom!!!!


Ta-daa!!!!! Here is my new boo!!! I needed something bright and shiny and happy so this is the final result!! I super love it!!!!! I’ll break down the items below each picture


  1. Trash can $1 from Target Dollar Spot clearance. It was a mint green color, so I spray painted it to match the other teal accessories
  2. Shower Curtain, also from Target. This curtain retails for $29.99 in the store. I found it online on Target.com and paid $14. It was on sale plus an additional 10 percent off with cartwheel/online coupon. So I bought it online and then picked it up the same day in store
  3. Clock is old
  4. M $3 on clearance at Michael’s. I hit it with a few coats of spray paint as well
  5. Flowers/vase/beads all old. I used some of my beads from my jewelry making days
  6. Rugs are old


Ok, so this is the craft wall, kinda. Since leopard is my favorite color, I found a way to incorporate it into the new bathroom.

  1. Leopard magnetic board is re purposed. This used to be a magnetic make up holder that I made like 5 years ago. I decided to keep it and use it to post up scriptures that I can read. I also hit the magnets with a coat of spray paint
  2. & sign, also $3 purchased from Michael’s and spray painted
  3. The teal $3 and tan$6 towel I bought from Home Goods. The leopard one was old from the previous bathroom
  4. That fabulous wall art is a #craftingwithketa original. So I have like 500 of those painting with a twist canvases. I re purposed this one by covering it with that fancy gold wrapping paper ($2.99 at Home Goods) and spray painting some letters and flowers from my craft stash. The black paper in the middle is actually an old shopping bag from Bare Minerals that says be original, be natural, be good.


Just a close up of the curtain and shower curtain hooks. The hooks were old and brown so I just spray painted them.


Found this little door knob hangy thing for $3 in the Target dollar spot


I love this!!!! It feels so 30 something ish

  1. Jewelry tray $3 Target dollar spot
  2. Toothbrush holder $3.99 at Marshalls ( I think it was supposed to be a candle holder)
  3. Mouthwash bottle $3.99 at Marshalls
  4. Oil burner $1 at the Dollar Tree


So here is my big girl make-up vanity!! I decided it was time to stop using mini plastic drawers and upgrade to match the new decor

  1. Soap dispenser $1.99 on clearance at Ross
  2. Mirror $6.99 Marshalls
  3. Glass jar was old, I was storing coffee scrub in it, but now it holds my homemade makeup remover pads (details on that in another post)
  4. Make-up Holder $9.99 from Marshalls

And that’s it!! My new blinged out, shiny and bright bathroom that I now live in!! My next project is either going to be a low key redo of my bedroom or an overhaul of my office/dining room/craft area.

Be inspired, be well, and love yourself!





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