Hypocrite/hɪpəkrɪt: A person who claims to have certain moral principles or beliefs but behaves in a way that shows they are not sincere

Maybe you’ve been called one or called someone else one, so I dedicate this to you.


As the words slid from your mouth

I never began to doubt

If the words you spoke were the truth or a ruse

I knew they were the truth for you

For me it meant that I was coming closer

To no longer being crippled

By the old me who did those things

Of which you accused me of judging you for

I’m not fighting for me

I’m fighting for you

Although it appears that I ignore the reason we both walked through the door

You know why you came

My reason is the same

No longer am I ashamed

Of the things you crucify me for

In your heart in your actions and the words you speak

A hypocrite is not me

The hypocrite are those things the old me did

Not the person you see

I don’t fault you for not seeing me the way God sees me

I pray that the scales are removed from your eyes

So you no longer believe the devils lies

There is a God and it’s not me or you

Nor the things that we do

My friends I’m not judging you

Just exposing the things that God doesn’t want you to do

He chose to be crucified

It wasn’t me or you

They nailed Him to the cross

Our lives are not lost

Because on that old rugged cross

The hypocrite died

So that we could live fulfilled and favored lives




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