Black Out Poetry


Happy Good Friday!!!!

Today since I was off from work, I took some time to practice some serious self-care on a Friday. Because, who needs to wait till Saturday to take care of themselves.

I’ve recently started writing poetry again and in doing so I’ve also been on the hunt for free poetry events and workshops. While I was perusing the events section on Facebook this week, I saw a Black Out Poetry Event. I thought hmm, this seems like poetry sorcery, interesting. I went and it was great!!!

So what exactly is this sorcery known as black out poetry?

Black Out poetry allows the poet (YOU) to rearrange words to make a different meaning. All you need is an old newspaper, magazine or book and a permanent marker. The permanent marker is used to cross out or “Black Out” words or images that are not needed for the poet (YOU) to create a poem. The general idea is to make a new creation from a previously published text.

How was it you ask

It was fantasmic and surprisingly therapeutic. Free-styling poems on a blank sheet of paper can some times be quite labor intensive because you have to come up with your own words, themes, etc. With this style of poetry the words are typed out for you. All you have to do is arrange them in a way that portrays the message or story that you want to tell by blacking out words.

Here’s what I came up with below. Enjoy and give it a try!!


Peace, Love and Blessings!!



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