Dear Orlando


In honor of the lives taken a year ago today in my hometown, I wrote this poem.
Dear Orlando
I loved you before I met you
Born out of your womb
I was immediately consumed by your beauty
The City Beautiful
More beautiful thank Disney, Universal and SeaWorld combined
Dear Orlando
You’ve stood the test of time
The City Beautiful
Where I grew up
You’ve experienced a terrible hurt
Dear Orlando
One year ago, on that night
Innocent lives taken
I just knew CNN was mistaken
Dear Orlando
Where did your beauty go?
June 12th, 2016
Everything was not as it seemed
A celebration of life
Quickly turned into
The worst night of your life
Their Pulses remain strong
As their legacies live on


#OrlandoStrong #WeAreOrlando #IAmOrlando

Peace, love and blessings,



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