Making Strides For Mental Health


Hola Friends and Happy Fall or Forever Summer if you live in Florida like me. I’m stopping by to ask for your support. If you’ve been following me over the last year then you know that I support all things Mental Health related. Fall has arrived and along with it comes the glorious 5k runs!!!!!

In 2016 I was asked to participate in the planning and execution of the First Annual Making Strides for Mental Health NAMI Hillsborough Walk. I quickly agreed and had a great time working with other mental health professionals to make the first NAMI Hillsborough Walk a success.

I’ve referenced NAMI in previous post as it’s a great online resource to learn more about mental illness. So what is this NAMI? The acronym stands for National Alliance on Mental Illness. It’s nationally recognized and supported across the country.

Why does NAMI Exist? Mental illness affects 1 in 4 families or nearly 60 million people every year.  The term mental illness encompasses many treatable disorders of the brain, but these disorders often go untreated due to lack of awareness and/or resources. Many people are suffering in silence.  NAMI fights hard to change that.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the nation’s largest grass roots organization dedicated to “stomping out stigma” related to mental illness and increasing quality of life for those affected by mental illness, their families and their communities. Founded in 1977 by two mothers, each with a son living with schizophrenia, the organization has grown to include over 1,000 local affiliates.

More locally, NAMI Hillsborough was established in 1987.  We have a simple mission — to enhance the lives of those suffering from mental illness and their families and loved ones, through support, education and advocacy. Our programs and initiatives include position statements and guidance on mental health legislation, NAMI resource phone line, support groups, various speaker series, and Signature Programs such as ‘Peer to Peer’ and ‘Family to Family’.

It is time to eliminate the stigma and speak out to help end suffering of those living with mental illness and their families.

Please join me by clicking the link below and making a donation, signing up for the walk or volunteering!

The walk will be held

Saturday November 4th 2017 8 am

YMCA Camp Christina
9840 Balm Riverview Rd.
Riverview, FL

Be you and stay true!




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