Work It Wednesday

Heyyyyy frennnsssssssss!!! 

Can ya’ll believe that we are halfway through September! Where did the year go?

I just wanted to pop in with a few updates and a quick post. If you are following me on IG @Ketas_Kairos, then you know that my mom FINALLY got her kidney transplant on August 3rd, 2 days before my 33rd birthday. If you’re not following me on IG, then stop what you’re doing and go follow me, NOW (pretty please with a cherry on top). 

It’s Wednesday, hump day and one more day closer to the magnificent weekend. When Wednesday rolls around, we roll our eyes a little less when pulling into work and our case of the Mundays is a distant memory. We’ve made it to the mid-point of our busy schedules and can smell the weekend on the horizon like a Florida summer rain. 

With my mom having a kidney transplant and me being her full-time caregiver and working full-time in between her appointments, I’ve lost focus on my goals. As a caregiver, it’s easy to fall into the terrible habit of not meeting your own needs. In an effort to keep myself focused I’ve decided to start Work It Wednesday.

Work It Wednesday is me keeping myself accountable to myself. Every week I’ll be posting about my goal for the week and my progress towards it. I’m inviting YOU to join me on this journey. 

If you are a serial procrastinator like me, then get out your planner or notebook and write down your goal for the week. My goal for this week was to POST something, right here, on my Blog. *hits the tootsie roll*  Boom, goal accomplished. It may seem small, but it’s a big deal for me.

So friends, this week lets take care of ourselves by setting one achievable goal and celebrating ourselves once we have achieved that goal. 

Work It!!! 

Love, peace, and blessings 



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