Work It Wednesday

September, September a month to remember!

The 4th and final quarter of 2018 is upon us. Are you ready for #PSLtrick or treaters, candy corn and family gatherings? If not, you better get ready and stay ready. 

As we enter into the holiday hustle and bustle, I felt it appropriate to discuss self-care. The health industry is poppin with research and countless magazine articles about self-care. We all want to be well rested, get those 10 hours of sleep, and have a never-ending supply of energy to cross off everything on our to do list. Who needs sleep when  Starbucks has an endless supply of espresso shots? 

My journey as a full-time, millennial caregiver has been a crash course on how important self-care is. Being a caregiver is an emotional roller coaster of many high’s and twice as many lows. So it’s important for me to be my best self and live my best life so nobody gets hurt, physically or emotionally. 

So you’re wondering what self-care looks like for me? Well, I’m glad you asked. For me, self-care is evolving into levels.

My basic self-care includes:

  • Meal prepping to eat healthy
  • Going to bed before 1 am
  • Physical activity at least twice per week
  • Going to therapy 
  • Massages

My level up self-care includes 

  • Investing in ME
  • Paying a professional to update my resume, cover letter and Linked In profile (trust me it’s soooooo worth it)
  • Paying to attend conferences and workshops related to my goals
  • Paying for updated professional head shots 
  • Being intentional about networking (including paid events)

See the trend? All of my level up self-care activities cost money. I realized that I waste sooooo much money on clothes, food, and other random things. So why not INVEST in my future self. Paying for these things today will help me reach my future goals. 

Is it time for you to level up your self-care? 

Peace, Love and Blessings







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