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Did you know that 1 in 5 adults 18 years and older will be diagnosed with a mental illness? Did you know that the average onset age of depression is 30? You had no clue right? Well this is the very reason that Keta’s Kairos was started.

After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2016 and starting anti-depressants in 2017, Keta has made it her mission to openly discuss and promote mental health awareness initiatives. Through this blog, Keta hopes to share her personal story of hope, restoration, and freedom while living with a mental illness.

Keta (Key-Ta) is a 30ish working professional residing in the beautiful Tampa Bay Area since 2003. Keta was born and raised in Orlando, FL. Upon graduating from The University of South Florida in 2008, Keta begin her career in the social work field. Since 2008, Keta has held various positions in the world of foster care/child welfare and mental health. She has gained both personal and professional wisdom regarding adolescent mental illness and how this affects children and their families. Keta continues to work in the foster care field advocating for adopted children and their families affected by a mental illness.

In her spare time, Keta can be found creating, teaching, and leading. Keta’s close friends and family have dubbed her the Craft Queen. From painting, to poetry, holiday décor, cooking and jewelry making, Keta can create it. Keta also enjoys traveling whenever time and budget allow.  She also serves as a lead volunteer in her church’s children’s ministry often mentoring teen girls beyond the church setting. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree from Liberty University with hopes of fostering a culture where mental health and spirituality coexist.

Peace, love, and blessings!

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