Budget Bathroom Makeover!!

Hey Ya'll, Hey!!! I know it's been a minute, but I'm back. At least I think I am anyway. Life has been doing it's thing and being life. I'll be sharing what's been going on in my world soon in the near future. I figured I'd share a recent #craftingwithketa project. I decided it was … Continue reading Budget Bathroom Makeover!!


I say: I need help, but there is no one who can help me God says: I will help you, if you give me your hand

Day 29: I Am Not Afraid

I say: I am not enough God says: I made you! That means are you are enough, you are beautifully made just the way you are.

Day 28: I Am Beautiful

Day 27: I Am Victorious

I say: I can't win for losing God says: You will be victorious in Me. I have plans to to prosper you now and in the future. I know the plans for life, so you don't have to.