Day 3 What God Says


Day 3: I Am Chosen

I say: I don't deserve to be loved by God, because I have not done anything to be worthy of His love God says: I saved you and called you to a Holy calling. Not just to any old regular calling, but a Holy one. I saved you not because of anything that you have done, … Continue reading Day 2: I am called

Day 2: I am called

I say: I'm worthless and no one cares about me because of my past sin God says: I am precious in His eyes, and honored, and loved. He would give anything as ransom in return for ME!    

Day 1: You Are Precious

For the month of May, I have decided to complete a 31 day daily devotional challenge. The devotions will focus on replacing the negative thoughts I have about myself with the word of God.

Open Letters to Myself

Don't quit, no matter how hard the task. Everything that's happening is for a reason and to build your faith.

Monday Meditation

Can you?

Happy New Year!!! I pray that you had an epic end to 2015 and great start to 2016 thus far! Fall: the season of making all things new Soft, high pitched voice, not so sure of myself. Low, normal pitched voice, confident in myself.The roller coaster of low self-esteem is something that I continue to struggle … Continue reading Can you?

The least of these

A few weeks ago as I was coming out of Goodwill there was a homeless man outside the store asking for money so that he could get something to eat. I had no dollar bill, so I gave him some change from my wallet. He was grateful and said that he just wanted a sandwich because he … Continue reading The least of these

November 17th

November 17th will forever be a date that signifies many things for me. On this date in 2002 one of my older sisters Keshia was killed in a fatal car accident. I still remember that night, the next day and weeks to follow like it happened yesterday. I remember the last conversation I had with … Continue reading November 17th

Drive, and worry about yourself

The Lord reveals things and clarifies them for me at the most random times. Long story short, I had to drive about 15 miles home on a donut. If you've ever had to ride on a donut you know you that it's advised that you drive less than 40 MPH. As I was driving and … Continue reading Drive, and worry about yourself